CEO Aspects: Teamwork Effort When Working Remotely

Tap a colleague’s shoulder for a question, comment, or greeting—interrogation at a desk with 20 people, not anymore. Today, many employees work at home cause of amid coronavirus. The technical perspective of this change is worrying, although the emphasis is now the individual element. Here is new data from ThinkBigAnalytics that entails productivity while working at home. But How do you keep an employee together and motivate them if you can’t see each other?

Practicing Teleworking

Some companies are less stressed than others. For IT providers and a network agency, Ecodev, teleworking is a habit. All seven employees of the company practice teleworking, even though Ecodev was founded and currently based in Neuchâtel.

online conference

For Mark Haltmeier, CEO of Ecodev, the key is still the factor in one room: “We maintain routine and strong ties, and we don’t just provide work-related information. As with the coffee machine, we combine exchange and discussion. You have to show that you care about others, not just professional performance,” says Mark Haltmeier.

Maintaining Daily Contact With Teams

Multinationals also try to cultivate relationships. In Firmenich, employees work at home, and managers are encouraged to keep in touch. “When facing a question from an employee whose answer is unclear, it’s much better to say that it’s a transition we don’t yet know, rather than give halfway or maybe wrong answers. “Would you like to take this opportunity to observe how everyone else is experiencing this company.

Léa Guillaumota, a French-speaking professional trainer in Switzerland, agrees: “The line conference or videoconference, besides writing, makes you feel any pressure or stress related to the circumstances.

Strengthening Bonds

teamBut in this age of indeterminate, the staff and the expert will inevitably be linked. “Many will have to babysit and go over their children’s heads and watch together in virtual meetings. This brings us closer, most of us need to understand each other much better,” says Léa Guillaumot.

We could take it and take advantage of it to strengthen ties. Messages win with inclusion because the example of lightheartedness creates them. When will all nine of us move in, organize, or maybe have a snack?

Asking the Team and Accepting Gentleness

Wines and coffees on the Internet, perhaps, but not for all companies, says Brigit Peeters. “If individuals are moments you don’t share in the office, they may not seem real once you’re teleworking. This is an opportunity for executives. So the ideal is to ask employees, “What would you like to do to keep the team together? Asking questions will help keep the teams together. “By telling the teams how they see themselves in the work they do, they can take responsibility for their new picture,” says Guillaumot.

Personal and professional electronic exchanges, new environments, new routines: to organize all these changes, the manager’s work is more important than ever. “He must become a model, give clear instructions to the classes, encourage them, and allow them to be autonomous. But they must also respect health rules instead of spreading panic. Léa Guillaumot.


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