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Everything You Should Know About Synthetic Urine

What’s deemed illegal by the government is not always harmful to you. We can take marijuana, for example. Just a decade, this plant was criminalized in many countries. But today, you can find many dispensaries all over the world. Moreover, psilocybin, the chemical substance in magic mushrooms, is currently under scientific investigation because it may be just the right medicine for depression. 

Now, after you know how easily the law changes regarding illegal drugs, you should understand why it is unfair for one drug test to be able to ruin your whole career. Luckily, there are synthetic urines on the market. 

How to Find a Genuine Authentic Product

Since synthetic urines are not a ‘legal’ product, there won’t be any regulation guaranteeing whether they are genuine or not. The best guides you can get are from users who share their experiences online. For instance, check Sub Solution by Clear Choice. It has high customer satisfaction rates, and many people have testified how effortless it is to use during emergencies. And one more thing, it has been on the market for 15 years!

How to Store Synthetic Urine Properly

urines for testThe way you store the urine affects its quality. For instance, if you mix a urine solution, it must not be used later than 8 hours because the drug test will find out that it is fake. If you are to put the urine in a container, make sure that the seal is airtight. Any impurities that can enter the container may contaminate or react with the synthetic urine and changes its chemical structures. 

Moreover, do not expose the synthetic uring to extreme temperatures. It should be given to the drug tester with just the right warm temperature, indeed. But you must not rush it by putting the synth urine in a microwave! Just use your own body heat to increase the heat or use a heatpad.

Be Careful with the Expiration Date

All genuine synth urines have expiration dates. If somehow you can find a product that does not list the expiry date, the big chances are that it is either a fake or an expired item. Many frauds are out there, especially on the market for stuff like this. In fact, it would be better if you buy one or two synth urines now before you need it than later once you are in an emergency. In that latter scenario, you will be most likely not to think straight. 


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