The Differences of Hookah and Bong

A new study has shown that one-third of American college students have tried hookah or bong. Hookah and shisha are interchangeable terms, but bong is different. However, many people have mistaken hookah is included in a bong. 

Hookah and bong lounges are popping up as fast as dandelions in major cities and college towns across the country. In this case, hookah and bong are all the rage and growing in popularity, especially among 18-24-year-olds. A recent study published online by Psychology of Addictive Behaviors shows that one in four college students will try hookah or bong this school year. 

Those young adults think that hookah and bong are safer alternatives than cigarettes. It does so because they consider an ash catcher helpful to minimize the risk to reduce the tar amount and filter the smoke in the water pipes. While it might be true, no research has claimed that both are good options for health. Also, they are indeed different from one another. Thus, let’s find out more about both hookah and bong to understand them better below.

What Is Hookah?

hookahHookah, also known as shisha, refers to both the hookah and the act of smoking flavored tobacco through it. This social event usually takes place in a shisha lounge or bar where patrons can chat, watch TV, read, or play chess. Although some users hold hookah parties in their homes, most users enjoy smoking hookah in a lounge or bar for 30-60 minutes. Hookah users usually heat specially flavored tobacco over charcoal, then cooled and inhaled through a hookah. When smoking hookah, smokers pass mouthpieces to each other. 

In shisha parlors, a whole series of shisha/hookah etiquettes developed. The hookah was developed centuries ago in Persia and India. Since then, it has become an integral part of the culture of these regions. Meanwhile, it is relatively new in North America and Western Europe. However, the younger generation has enthusiastically embraced hookah as they no longer think smoking is cool. This generation is creating its label. Hookah is neither illegal nor immoral. It is acceptable if you are of legal age and make an informed decision. Hookah lounges, especially for Americans of Eastern descent, are cultural rites of passage that continue the long enriching tradition. However, youth and their parents should be aware of the dangers and dangerous health consequences. 

What Is A Bong?

bongMeanwhile, a bong is a long pipe used for smoking cannabis in general. It is usually sealed at one end and has two or three openings. One is at the end for the mouth, and one is for the bowl that holds the herbs. The other is for the velocity hole plugged to allow the smoke to enter the chamber and empty.

In bong, users can fill the bowl with the herb usually placed on a piece of gauze or tobacco. After that, light them. The user inhales as the herb burns by placing their lips over the ends. The user then inhales the smoke into the chamber of a bong. In this case, users can spray it with water, ice, or other liquid to cool it down. Once the herbs are exhausted, move the bowl or expose the velocity hole so that users can inhale the smoked with the herb contained. Using a bong to smoke is often accompanied by a coughing fit, as this tool can cause heavy inhalation.

You have understood better of both hookah and bong now. If hookah use tobacco, bong is more popular with herbs and marijuana inhalation. Both may give better experience to smoke rather than common cigarettes. However, it does not mean that both are the safer options.


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